Zebra Dove
Zebra Dove
Zebra Dove
Zebra Dove

Zebra Dove

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The beautiful Zebra Dove bird is a native of Southeast Asia. This bird also goes by the name of a Barred Ground Dove which is a member of the Coumbidae family of doves. These animals have a great singing ability and are beautiful to look at which has helped them to gain popularity as a pet in their native regions.

The dove is frequently seen in Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Sumatra, Java, Lombok and Tenasserim. With their harmonic melodies and decorative plumage these birds have become extremely popular pets in areas such as these. These doves produce a soft melody consisting of short coos. In fact, owners of these birds often engage in competitions to see who has the Zebra Dove that makes the best call.

Zebra Doves are small with tails that are long and narrow and very slender bodies. The tail feathers of these birds have white tips and the pinkish belly, neck and breast have bold black lines. The head has a bluish-grey hue and there is skin around the eyes that is blue. Adult Zebra Doves have brighter colors than the younger birds.

This dove is called by a number of different names among residents of Southeast Asia where the bird is a native. In Indonesia, this dove is called a Perkutut and in the Phillipines it isknown as the kurokutok and Batobatong Katigbe. The Filipinos also call them Tukmo, which is what other wild doves from this region are called as well.

This bird is a popular household pet and is prized for its singing abilities and beauty.

Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend and Insects