African Silverbill
African Silverbill
African Silverbill

African Silverbill

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Common Names
Warbling finch

The African Silverbill measures about a length of 10 cm an it has a long pointed black tail. An adult Silverbill can be identified by its nice, decorated white lower parts, light-brown upper body, black bottom, black wings,and its chunky blue0silver beak. Both genders are somewhat identical but the younger ones are deficient in vermiculation. It has a trilling singing sound and tseep call. the male will emit a single tseep as a mating call and the female call is a duo note tsiptsip. If the bird is flying, the call is continuous.

The gender are alike so the only means of being able to distinguish them is see if the male African Silverbill to make a gentle warbling noise.

These birds like bigger seeds from a parakeet blend and the littler seeds in finch blends. Soft food is not what they prefer. Grit should be accessible for them and they should be fed crushed eggshells for calcium, cuttlebones, and mashed oyster shells.

Notes for Breeders of Africa Silverbills
This bird is ready to be bred. Birds from the Lonchura family are among the easiest to breed. All this type needs is a peaceful, quiet area and a nest that stays half-open. these are a very timid variety and they do not prefer to be interrupted for occasional examinations of nests. However, it isn’t much of a problem if the owner takes a look some of the time to see if any eggs have been laid.