Amethyst Starling
Amethyst Starling
Amethyst Starling

Amethyst Starling

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Amethyst Starlings are found over a vast area in Africa. Known also as the Violet-backed Starling, this small bird travels in small flocks through its territory. The males feature bright colors while the females are more subtle and these birds are monogomous.

An Amethyst Starling will measure up to 7 inches in length and can weigh up to 45 grams. The males boast bright purple upper bodies and white lower areas and the females are brown with pale, streaked feathers underneath.The stark difference between the sexes shows that these birds are dimorphic.

These birds travel in small groups all year long, but the composition of the group changes with the season. The breeding season causes the flocks to break off into family groups, while throughout the rest of the year these birds are generally separated by gender. When nesting, they can usually be found in tree holes anywhere from 6.5 feet to 20 feet above ground. They can also be found in fence posts.

Monogamy is a feature of this bird, as well. The female incubates the eggs for approximately two weeks. Once the eggs have hatched, feeding is taken on by both the male and female until the young leave the nest.
The Amethyst starlings diet consists of a balence between Fresh Fruit, Worms & Zupreem Fruit Pellets.