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Barnard’s Parakeet
Barnard’s Parakeet
Barnard’s Parakeet

Barnard’s Parakeet

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The Barnard’s ParakeetMallee Ringnecks (Barnardius zonarius barnardi or Barnardius barnardi) – also known as the Mallee Parrots — are native to south-eastern Australia (Queensland to South Australia). They are common in mallee scrub, open woodlands, where they blend extremely well with their surroundings. They are often seen in pairs or family groups feeding in branches or shrubs.

Description: These parrots all have a green body and a yellow ring or collar around their necks and are referred to as Australian Ringnecks. Overall plumage is green; crown and sides to head bright green, cheeks with slight bluish tinge; red band toforehead; nape olive-brown with adjoining yellow collar on back of neck; lower back blue-black; breast and abdomen turquoise with a variable orange-yellow band; bend of wing blue becoming blue-green on lesser wing-coverts; greater wing-coverts yellowish-green. Females have a paler plumage; back and lower back dark grey-green; under wing-coverts greyish; pale under-wing stripe usually visible.

Diet: All parakeets and parrots need a large variety of fresh, healthy foods. Fresh food like dark green, leafy vegetables(kale and broccoli) as well as carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash.  Grit, gravel, and oyster shells should never be given. A seed-only diet will result in malnutrition.