Black-and-White Mannikin
Black-and-White Mannikin

Black-and-White Mannikin

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The Black-and-White Mannikin are small birds that are part of the estrildid finch family. In the wild, they can be mostly be found in tropical areas such as India, South Eastern Asia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Indonesia. In these areas they typically inhabit open areas and build grass structures during the breeding season. These large nests are used to provide safety for their eggs, which number from 4-10 per breeding season. Some Black-and-White Mannikin also build roosting nests that are communally used overnight. These communal roosts help keep the Black-and-White Mannikins safe from predators. In captivity, Black-and-White Mannikins make excellent pets. They are friendly, talkative and social birds and are easily maintained. Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend can be used to feed your manikin, however soft foods like greens and sprouting seeds will provide an extra treat. If you are interested in breeding your Black-and-White Mannikin, feel them mashed eggs for extra nutrition and provide them with a finch box for a sense of privacy and protection during the stressful time of breeding. The Black-and-White Mannikin are birds that will fill your home with joy.