Black Bellied Firefinch
Black Bellied Firefinch
Black Bellied Firefinch

Black Bellied Firefinch

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The African Fire Finch
(Lagonosticta rara)

The Black-bellied Firefinch is an interesting bird to watch. From a field view, the black-bellied Firefinch resembles other Firefinches slightly but if one observes them from a closer view, they will be able to identify the male by its red mantle and back. The female Black-bellied Firefenches are primarily identified slightly pink-tinted lower mandible and gray head.

The wooing process is registered with the male flying back and forth carrying a nesting sign in his bea like grass or plumage and jumps around the female Black-bellied Firefinch. He holds his head obliquely up still carrying the sign in his beak and his tail is dragging the ground. The female’s courtship reaction is recorded to be quivering of the tail an also a jumping movement almost like the male. Whether or not any mating takes place after this wooing is not yet known.

The Black-bellied Firefinches build their nest in a spherical manner and it is constructed loosely seed-heads, grass, an occasionally they create them from vegetable fibers and line them with feathers. The average eggs laid is from three to four and  both male and female incubate them.

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