Blue and Yellow Tanager
Blue and Yellow Tanager

Blue and Yellow Tanager

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The Blue and Yellow Tanager (Thraupis bonariensis) is part of the Tanager family.

All of South America south of the Equator.

Montanes, highlands with more rainfall than nearby lowland. Scrubland and heavily logged forest. Tropical and subtropical woodlands.

Eats plants, insects, fruit and seeds.
Lays two to three eggs in cup shaped nest made in bushes or tall tree crowns.

Description:  The throat and head of the male blue-and-yellow tanager is light blue. The back and sides of the chest are black. He is black from the base of the beak to behind the eye. The rump and breast are bright orange-yellow. Blue edges highlight the black wings and tail.  The female is mostly grayish-brown. The head is blue tinged and the rump yellowish-buff.