Blue-back Lady Gouldian
Blue-back Lady Gouldian

Blue-back Lady Gouldian

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The identifying features of the Blue Lady Gouldian include a black or salmon-colored mask that has a black outline bordered by an outer blue outline. The bird’s back is blue and its abdomen is off-white. It has both black and blue feathers in its tail, and its breast is normally purple, but can also be white.

Erythrura gouldiae and Chloebia gouldiea are the scientific names for the Gouldian Finch. Other common names for this species of bird are Rainbow Finch, Gould’s Finch, and Lady Gouldian Finch. True to its name, the Rainbow Finch is a very colorful bird that can be found in Australia.

The length of a Gouldian Finch is approximately 130-140 mm. They have light brown feet and legs. The babies are born without feathers, which don’t start coming in until they are around twelve days old. The baby finches have blue, glow-in-the-dark spots on their beaks. This allows the adult birds to find them when it is dark.


Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Finch Feed and greens.