Blue-faced Parrotfinch
Blue-faced Parrotfinch
Blue-faced Parrotfinch

Blue-faced Parrotfinch

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The blue faced parrot finch is also called the tri-colored parrot finch. The scientific name for this bird is erythrura trichroa and it is native to New Guinea, Sulawesi, and Micronesia. These parrot finches are very easy to breed and take well to living in cages. They have no problem reproducing and raising young in captivity.

This finch is a stocky bird. It is around 4 1/2 inches long and has a blue mask on its face, which is how it got its name. The male of the species has a rich shade of green on the top part of his body and lighter green on the underside. He has bright red tail feathers, grayish-brown legs, a black beak, and dark brown eyes.

These birds love to splash and play in the water, so make sure you provide a bath for them and keep the water clean.

A varied seed diet of Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend will keep these birds in good health. When raising chicks they appreciate egg food and insects.