Blue-naped Mousebird
Blue-naped Mousebird
Blue-naped Mousebird

Blue-naped Mousebird

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Blue-naped Mousebird

The blue-naped mousebird (Urocolius macrourus), also formerly called the blue-naped coly (Colius macrourus). It is one of the remaining six species of Mousebirds. 

Interesting Fact

The term “mousebird” comes from its ability to move along the ground in a way that resembles the scurrying of a mouse. The blue-naped mousebird has widely spaced and large feet for its body size, which are pamprodactylous; they are able to rotate all four toes to face forward at will. Their toes are strong , allowing the birds to climb and scurry along branches, to hang by a toenail, or to use one foot to hold food.

Habitat for Blue-naped Mousebird

These birds live in the semi-desert and dry regions of eastern Africa. They are found  from the western coast to Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia in the East and south through East Africa and on to the Eastern Zaire borders.


The Blue-naped Mousebird have an ash brown, grayish body, crested head with a turquoise nape, and a black-and-red bill.

Diet for Blue-naped Mousebird:

Paradise Earth Premium Softbill Blend ,zupreme fruit blend and fruit.