Blue-necked Tanager

Blue-necked Tanager

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The Blue-necked Tanager (Taagara cyanicollis) is a colorful Tanager from South America. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests and heavily degraded former forest.


Adult: Sexes similar. They  have a blue hood and throat. The wing coverts, wing edges, and rump are turquoise to a greenish straw color. The posterior underparts are black, violet, or blue. The juveniles are brownish gray, with a hint of adult coloration. Coloration of adults varies slightly by region. The beaks, legs, and feet are black.

Juvenile: Juveniles are brownish grey with a hint of adult coloration.

Keeping a Blue-necked tanager

The bird should be kept on as high a level as possible, in a large and well-planted cage, with water to wash in. Ideally, the nesting box should contain grass, leaves, pieces of bark, moss and other debris such as the fibers of coconuts. The bird likes to hide in corners and build its nest in thick bushes or shrubbery. Typically lays two eggs with brown spotting and has an incubation period of a couple of weeks. Both the male and female feed the chicks with insects and fruits.

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