Bronze-winged Mannikin
Bronze-winged Mannikin
Bronze-winged Mannikin

Bronze-winged Mannikin

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Bronze-winged Mannikin ,Lonchura cucullata, is found in Africa, south of the Sahara except for the southwest. Also found on the islands of Fernando Po, Principe, Sao Tome’, Pemba, Zanzibar, Mafia, Comoros; introduced to Puerto Rico.

Habitat: Savannahs & scrub, open woodland, forest edge, along rivers, cultivated areas, open clearings, farms & gardens.

Description: Black upper bill, silver lower bill; brownish black head with metallic green or purplish sheen; brownish black throat and upper breast; brown back & wings; shoulders sport a metallic green patch; flanks are mottled brown & white; black tail with brown-and-black cross-barred rump; white belly; dark grey or blackish legs. L. c. cucullata may also have some variable glossy green patches along the flanks which the L. c. scutata subspecies tends to lack. Juveniles have a black beak and are dark grey-brown with light grey-brown throat and breast, buff belly, brownish-buff flanks. Sexes appear similar, though the hen may appear a little less glossy, browner above, and sport a narrower head with a beak that tapers more than the cock’s.

Breeding: Breeding is restricted to the warm (rainy/wet) season, but may occur year-round near the equator. They  like semi-open nest boxes, nest baskets, or they may build their own nests in bushes using coconut fiber, leaves, grass, and feathers for padding. Copulation tends to occur inside the privacy of the nest.For rearing food, provide varied options of ample sprouted seed, egg food, and live food. After the young fledge, they do not need to be separated from the parents/breeding pairs, and may form a peaceful extended family from successive clutches.

Diet:  Paradise Pet Products Premium Finch Blend, Dried Insect Blend, greens and eggfood.