Cape Dove Male
Cape Dove Male
Cape Dove Male

Cape Dove Male

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The lovely Cape Dove (Oena Capensis) is native to Africa and by nature is a calm and serene type of bird.

The male of the species is distinguished by a the presence of a large patch of color that covers part of its face and on its throat. The male possesses a two colored beak, with a purple and orange base and tip that is yellow. The rest of the birds coloring is made up of a brown like gray and a silver like gray with shading on the underside of its abdomen. The bird’s lower back and rear end is distinguished with a white like band that is outlined with darker and contrasting bands. Its flight wings are reddish-brown and display a pleasing splash of color when the bird is flying. The underneath of the bird’s tail is dark in color, creating additional contrast.

The female bird has no dark coloring on its face and has a shorter tail. It is generally dull in coloring.

Cape Doves have no problem breeding in captivity and are rather easy to take care of.

A good basic diet consists of mixed millets and some plain canary seed, with a little wild bird seed mixed in.