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The capuchinbird  (Perissocephalus tricolor) is a large passerine bed  and one of the most spectacular representaves of the family Cotingiadie It is monotypic within the genus Perissocephalus. Other names include Calfbird.

Distribution: The capuchinbird is found in humid forests in north-eastern South America almost entirely north of the Amazon River and east of Rio Negro. 

Song: The Capuchiunbird song sounds like a “chainsaw” and a “mooing cow”.


Description: The capuchinbird is large thick-set  passerine with a heavy bill. It is one of the largest suboscine passerine.The females are larger than any female umbrellabird. Its plumage is a rich brown with orange on the belly, undertail coverts and the short tail is0 black. The most distinctive feature is its bare, almost vulture-like head covered in dull blue skin. 

Diet in captivity: Paradise softbill blend, dried insects and fresh fruit.