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The Fringilla coelebs or Chaffinch and known by a wide assortment of other names, is a little passerine bird belonging to the finch Fringillidae family.


A Chaffinch diet ought to consist of Canary grass seed with mixed millets, green food, and wild songbird seeds. Grit, fresh water, and cuttlebone ought to be routinely provided. Lettuce, wild seed heads, Spinach, spray millet, Chickweed, Eggfood, Carrot tops and Broccoli tops may be provided routinely.

General Care:

In general a strong species, but timid, supply bath water each day!


A species that is best kept as individual pairs or a single male to several hens.


Chaffinch males, posses a pleasurable song with varying differences. Male calls can be heard as well as from the hens