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Cherry Finch
Cherry Finch

Cherry Finch

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The Cherry Finch, or Aidemosyne modesta, is also called the Plumheaded Finch.

This bird thrives in the inland part of Australia, on the eastern side of the continent. You can find it anywhere from Cairns to beyond Sydney.

The Cherry Finch likes grasslands and clearings in woodlands.

Plumheaded finches get along with other birds easily, especially other kinds of finches. You don’t need to worry about putting them with other species. The male has a wine-colored spot on his chin that looks a bit like a bib. His crown is red or purple. The female does not have a bib, but she does have a line of whit that runs above and behind her eye.

Cherry finches like to eat green plants and seeds. During the breeding season, you should also feed them mealworms and boiled eggs that have been chopped into a fine meal. Crush the shells and mix them in with the eggs.

The female usually lays four to six eggs, and it takes two weeks for them to hatch.