Combassou Finch
Combassou Finch
Combassou Finch

Combassou Finch

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The Combassou is a resident of Africa and is of the Whydah family, it is a perfectly harmless bird and may be kept with even the smallest Waxbills without them coming to any harm. Combassou is an ideal cage bird or for a small avairy as it seems to be indifferent to the cold. Combassous are a non-aggressive species and can be kept in a mixed flight.

The colored out Combassou is a gorgeous bird! They look jet black, but under light or in the sun they glow deep royal blue and green! Combassous color for breeding season to attract females and during non-breeding season will become a mousy brown color with small black patches.

These birds should be fed a variety of foods, including vitamin-fortified seed mix, dark green, leafy vegetables, yams, carrots, hard boiled eggs, and some fruit. Grit, gravel, and oyster shells should never be given.