Cut Throat Finch
Cut Throat Finch
Cut Throat Finch

Cut Throat Finch

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The cut-throat finch is also known as the bearded finch, ribbon finch or the weaver finch. Its scientific name is Amadina fasciata. It comes from the family Estrildidae.


The bird is a light sandy brown color with dark flecks across the head, neck and back. The species exhibits sexual dimorphism, and males have a deep red line under their chin that females lack. The beak and legs are pink. Juveniles are somewhat duller than adults.


The cut-throat finch requires a daily supplement of minerals, especially females since they frequently suffer from egg binding. They can be left with a cuttlebone at all times and given finely chopped fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, which should take care of this nutritional need. Paradise Pet Products Premium Finch Blend is a good choice for seed.


The bird should be kept with similar sized birds, as it will bully birds from smaller species. They live well in large cages or spacious aviaries, as they spend much of their time moving around and flying when permitted. They breed frequently when kept well, and prefer somewhat open nest-boxes. They will use most fine substrates for nesting, including hay, wool, grass and small feathers. They lay anywhere from four to nine eggs per brood, incubate for two weeks and fledge for three weeks at which point the young adults begin to wean.