Emerald Starling
Emerald Starling
Emerald Starling

Emerald Starling

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The Coccycolius iris is called the Iris Glossy-starling or the Emerald Starling. It is a little starling with a metal like green crown, wings, tail and upper body. The under parts and ear-coverts are metallic purple. Both sexes are alike. Its position in a monotypic species Coccycolius is in doubt; some connect it with numerous other glossy-starlings in Lampoonist.

One of the littlest species amongst starlings, the Emerald Starling is all through West Africa. It lives in savanna of Côte d’Ivoire, lowlands, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.
The nest is cup-shaped and built in the cavity of a tree.

Diet: Consists of fruit, seeds, nectar and insects (including beetles, termites, grasshoppers,worms). Incaptivity: Paradise Earth Premium Softbill Blend, Insect Blend, variety of fruits, nectar and live insects.