Gilded Barbet
Gilded Barbet

Gilded Barbet

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The Guilded Barbet is a type of bird that is in the Capitonidae family.  It is closely related to the toucan.  It is often located in Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Columbia.  It has been considered a branch off of the Black-Spotted Barbet from South America.

It has a length of 20 cm.  As with similar barbets, the Guilded Barbet is a thick large headed birds that has a stubby bill.  Also, the yellow narrow eyebrows extend like two parallel lines above the mantle.  The underside is mostly pale yellow with a black streak to the flanks.  The female looks like the male, except it has a lot of orange/yellow edges to the wings, a yellow streak to the back and auriculars, and a black streak of the flank that goes to the chest.  Both the male and the female have deep maroon irides, grey legs, and a wide black tipped grey bill.

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