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Golden Billed Saltator
Golden Billed Saltator
Golden Billed Saltator

Golden Billed Saltator

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Saltator aurantiirostris, commonly known as the Golden Billed saltator is a bird of the cardinal species that resides in the family Emberizidae.  The Golden Billed Saltator can be found in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.  It can also be found in areas along the Paraguay River such as the souther pantanal.

The American genus of Saltator is that of the songbird.  Those belonging to this genus commonly associated with Cardinalidae or the cardinal family, but may actually be like the Thraupidae or the tanagers.  The English name of this group is saltators, and all English names excepting two species are ended with “Saltator”.

Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend,fruit and greens