Golden Song Sparrow
Golden Song Sparrow
Golden Song Sparrow

Golden Song Sparrow

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The Golden Song Sparrow, which is also known as the Sudan Golden Sparrow, comes from a small branch of the overall sparrow species.  It is found in Africa, between Nigeria and Sudan, southern Arabia and Ethiopia.  It is a common bird to keep in a cage.

This is a bird that survives well in dry areas, and is used to the open savanna, the kind of climate that is almost a desert, with shrub-like plantlife.  It lives in large families and builds very large nests of unkempt twigs in trees.  The chamber that they live in is lined with feathers, and they usually lay 3 or 4 eggs at once.

The bird is small, only about a dozen centimeters long.  The male is distinctive, with a yellow head and body, and wings that are a much deeper brown.  They usually have a couple bars of white on their wings as well.  When breeding season comes along the plumage brightens noticeably, and their bills change to a black color.

The female birds, along with baby birds, are overly pale brown, with similarly colored wings.  Male birds start to change colors between 2-3 months old.

The Golden Sparrow is a mostly nomadic bird, and has been known to group together with birds of other species to help them survive.  This leads to roosts that, when night falls, have been known to number in the hundreds or even thousands.  It eats smaller things, like insects or seeds, and when feeding its children, the smaller the better.  The standard singing chirp is their typical sound.