Greater Indian Hill Mynah-Proven Breeder Pair

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The Greater Indian Hill Mynah (Gracula religiosa intermedia) belongs to the family of Starlings. They are found in the hilly areas of South Asia. 

Other Names:

Tiong Mas Malaysia or Malaysian Hill Mynah.


GIH Mynah’s have a glossy black plumage with an iridescent purple, turquoise and green. They have bright yellow wattles under their eyes. The eye and nape patches are joined. Their bright orange beak fades to yellow at the tip. There’s a band of white across each wing and the legs and feet are yellow. 

Interesting facts:

GHU Mynah bird has a variety of loud shrieks and calls. Pet mynas are excellent mimics of various sounds, including human speech.

Diet for Greater Indian Hill Mynah:

Paradise Pet Products Softbill Blend, Dried Mixed Insect Blend and fruit.