Grey-headed Oliveback
Grey-headed Oliveback
Grey-headed Oliveback

Grey-headed Oliveback

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The Grey-headed Oliveback is a common estrildid finch that lives in parts of the African continent.

The estrildid finches are small passerines of Australasia and tropical areas of the Old World. They are part of the family Estrildidae.

These are gregarious birds that are often found living in colonies. They live on a diet consisting mostly of seeds, and they have thick, short bills. All the estrildids have similar shapes and behaviors, but they vary widely in the color of the plumage and the patterns.

The estrildids make large nests in the shape of a dome, and they lay five to ten white eggs. Some of the species make roost nests.

They tend to be intolerant of cold weather and need to be in a warm or even tropical habitat. Some of these birds have become adapted to cooler climates.