Grey-headed Silverbill
Grey-headed Silverbill
Grey-headed Silverbill

Grey-headed Silverbill

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The Grey-headed Silverbill (Lonchura griseicapilla) which is also called as Pearl-headed Amadine/ Silverbill /Mannikin, Grey-headed Mannikin (!), Pearl-shouldered/Pearl-winged Mannikin is a variety of estrildid finch which is found in eastern Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Sudan.

Description: Both male and females are similar. The adults have grey colored head with white colored tips to face; the upper tail and rump coverts creamy-white or white. The Juvenille doesn’t feature white tips to face or forehead and the rump has dull creamy-buff color.

Song: The song is same like the call notes but the song starts softly with whispering notes and increases gradually to become louder at the end.

Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend, Fruits and vegetables.