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The Grey Singing Finch aka White Rumped Seedeater is native to Africa south of the Sahara Desert.  Its range extends from Senegal east to the Sudan. It is found in the dry, brushy areas.


The Grey Singer Finch (Serinus leucopygius)is part of the Frigillidae family.

Alternate names include: Gray Canary, White-rumped Serin and White-rumped Seedeater.


Sexing the Grey Singing Finch is difficult however it has been noted that the males seem to have a white patch under the break that the hen lacks.  This white patch is much more noticeable when the cock swells his throat for singing. Also it is only the male that sings.


The Grey Singer Finch male has a beautiful sweet song that becomes louder during breeding season.


Breeding season is early September into the winter months. They prefer hidden nesting sites. The hen will lay 2-3 eggs and do most of the incubation and feeding in the early stages. The male will feed the hen while she is on the nest.



The Grey Singer Finch is closely related to the Canary and should be feed the same diet  –  Canary seed, white proso millet, egg food and greens.