Grey-winged Trumpeter
Grey-winged Trumpeter

Grey-winged Trumpeter

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Grey-winged Trumpeter

Distribution: Northern Amazon rainforest and Guiana Shield of South America. Grey-winged Trumpeter lives in wet tropical forests and feeds on the forest floor .



The grey-winged trumpeter (Psophia crepitans) is a member of a small family of birds, the Psophiidae.



Adult male has velvety black feathers on head, neck, upper back and underparts.The soft plumage is mainly black, but the feathers of the inner wing are grey.Head and neck are black, covered with very short feathers. The eyes are dark brown and their legs and feet are a bluish grey. Both sexes are similar, with male slightly larger than female.


The grey-winged trumpeter’s song is a low humming, but its call is a very loud JEEK or honking TZAAK.  It usually “sounds the alarm” by loud trumpeting calls if there are disturbances day or night.

Fun Facts:

Grey-winged Trumpeters are often kept as pets by native South Americans because they are known to hunt snakes, and because they have a loud, distinctive alarm call.

Breeding Grey-winged Trumpeters:

Breeding season is December-June. Grey-winged Trumpeter nest in colonies. Their nest is usually a hole in a tree. The female will lay 2-3 eggs and incubation is 28 days. In the wild incubation is shared by the group. The fledglings have brown and black stripes in plummage.

Diet for Grey-winged Trumpeter:

Insects and fruit.