Guinea Turaco (Dna Tested)
Guinea Turaco (Dna Tested)
Guinea Turaco (Dna Tested)

Guinea Turaco (Dna Tested)

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The Guinea Turaco (Tauraco persa), also known as the Green Turaco, is a species of turaco, a group of near-passerines birds. It is found in forests of West and Central Africa, ranging from Senegal east to DR Congo and south to northern Angola. It lays two eggs in a tree platform nest.

The Guinea Turaco, often inconspicuous in the treetops, is approximately 43 cm long, including a long tail. The plumage is largely green and the tail and wings are dark purplish, except for the crimson primary feathers that are very distinct in flight. In the westernmost subspecies buffoni, which sometimes is known as the Buffon’s Turaco, there is a white line above and in front of the eye and a black line below the eye. In the nominate subspecies of the central part of its range and zenkeri of the southeastern part there also is a second white line below the black line. Unlike similar turacos with red bills, even adult Guinea Turacos lack a white rear edge to the crest.

This species is a common in climax forest with plentiful tall trees. It feeds on fruit and blossoms.

The Guinea Turaco has a loud cawr-cawr call.

Diet in the Wild: Wide variety of wild and cultivated fruits; also flowers and flower buds


Diet in captivity: Chopped fruit, small bird maintenance feed.