Lady Gouldian Finch

Lady Gouldian Finch

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The Lady Gouldian is a striking specimen, full of beauty. This gouldian finch can be found with a variety of variations in color. These are referred to as mutations

Normal : All Normal markings are present:

The cock's back is a rich medium Green with slight iridescence, the breast a deep purple and a yellow belly. 

The hen’s back is a lighter green, the breast a lighter purple and a lighter yellow for the belly.

The head color can be black, red,orange or yellow. There is a band of Turquoise-blue behind the head of the male.  Hens have a thinner and paler  blue band.  Their tails are a similar blue.

Variations include White-breasted and Lilac-breasted.

Other mutations include; Seagreen, Pastel, Dilute and Australian Yellow.

Diet / Feeding: Captive Diet: Gouldian Finches should be provided a good quality finch food as well as soft foods, fresh water every day, a cuttlebone, as well as vitamins. The blue-blacked variety cannot produce their own vitamin A; and therefore, they especially need vitamins in their soft food. Grit and cuttlebone are an important component of a finches’ diet

Additional Information: Gouldians are known to be more delicate, more sensitive to temperature differences – and they are susceptible to airsack mites. If your gouldian suffers from respiratory problems, then this would be the first thing to check out.

Additionally, the gouldian finches are not known for their parenting skills. Many breeders have zebra or society finches foster the gouldian finch eggs / chicks to increase survival rate.