Lavender Waxbill Red Tail
Lavender Waxbill Red Tail
Lavender Waxbill Red Tail

Lavender Waxbill Red Tail

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We are proud to have IN STOCK matched pairs of beautiful lavender waxbill finches. These beauties will go fast! Order Now!

Length 10cm, 4 inches.

People sometimes take up bird watching as a hobby.  There are many birds that exist in nature.  The lavender waxbill is a nice bird to take note of.  A lavender waxbill is a tiny grey finch.  The lavender waxbills red tail is combined with a narrow strip that is black in color from gape to the eye.  The lower flanks are white spotted.  It has a black bill on the end and red at the base.  The legs are black.  Both males and females appear the same but can be sexed by call.  The cock’s call is normally two toned and makes two syllables that are louder then the female’s call.

The lavender waxbill lives in moderately dry countries with tress, bushes, and areas of open grass.  They feed on the ground or in shrubbery and trees with seeds and smaller insects.  They use old nests to roost.

They can be sensitive to a change of temperature and are most comfortable at 10-15 degrees Celsius.  They can be grouped together unless are nesting, when they may attack other birds.

Any two birds, no matter what the gender, will display greetings by bowing in front of each other.  They normally create a nest that is round with a down sloping entrance.  They often create a cock’s nest on top of another nest which becomes decorated with droppings, feathers, and other materials.  Both males and females incubate.  When young chicks hatch, plenty of live food is required for nutrition.  They will feed on various worms, spiders, and fruit flies. After eighteen days, a baby is usually self sufficient and begins life on their own.