Linnet Finch
Linnet Finch
Linnet Finch

Linnet Finch

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The Linnet Finch is a kind of bird and belong to the Fringillidae family. It likes seeds of flax with is used to made linen.

The bird is thin and rather small, but the feathers of its tail are long. The bird has shades of brown on its upper body, the chest area is whit and its beak has a gray color to it.

There are different characteristics which set male from female. The males nape is gray, its head has a red spot and its breast is color red. Females do not have red, but rather have a white color in the area of the breast.

This kind of bird can be predominantly found in Europe and some parts of Western Asia. However,  flocks of birds migrate to the south as far to the coast when its breeding season.

Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Finch Feed, Greens and live food.