Long Tailed Mockingbird
Long Tailed Mockingbird
Long Tailed Mockingbird

Long Tailed Mockingbird

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The scientific name for the long-tailed mockingbird is Mimus longicaudatus and it is a type of bird that belongs to the family of birds known as Mimidae.

The origin of the long-tailed mockingbird is that they came directly from the woodlands and the very dry scrub lands that lie in the western areas of the countries of Peru and Ecuador.

Facts about the long-tailed mockingbird other than their scientific name and family name is that they are a New World species of organism. They live exclusively in the bigger locations that make up Central, North and South America. The family name of Mimidae was born from their ability to do mimic a huge range of sounds. They can also imitate various bird songs as well as other external sounds.