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Long Tailed (White Crested) Hornbill
Long Tailed (White Crested) Hornbill
Long Tailed (White Crested) Hornbill

Long Tailed (White Crested) Hornbill

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Long-tailed Hornbill (Tropicranus albocristatus)

The Long-tailed hornbill(Tropicranus albocristatus), also known as the White-crested Hornbill is a species of hornbill (family Bucerotidae) found in humid forests of Central and West Africa.

Description: Also known as white-crowned hornbill. Large (85cm) long-tailed, black and white hornbill with distinctive fuzzy white crown. Both sexes have white crown, tail and trailing edge of wing. Throat and neck are white in male, black in female.
Iris – yellow; bill – grey; feet – black.

Breeding: The nesting habits of the family are interesting. The incubating females are usually sealed into tree hole nests with mud, leaving only a small aperture through which food can be passed by the male. When the young are hatched the female breaks out but reseals the nest entrance again until the young are ready to leave.

Diet: Insects, and some fruit. Diet in captivity:Paradise Earth Premium Softbill Diet, live insects&pinkies and fresh fruit.