Lutino Parrotfinch

Lutino Parrotfinch

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Parrotfinches are small, colorful passerine birds belonging to the genus Erythrura in the family Estrildidae, the estrildid finches. They occur from South-east Asia to New Guinea, northern Australia and many Pacific Islands. They inhabit forest, bamboo thickets and grassland and some can be found in man-made habitats such as farmland, parks and gardens. 

The Lutino Parrotfinch is a bird that has all of the green on the body replaced by a buttercup yellow. The blue facial mask is replaced by white and the rump is a deep pink.

These birds love to splash and play in the water, so make sure you provide a bath for them and keep the water clean.

A varied seed diet of Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend will keep these birds in good health. When raising chicks they appreciate egg food and insects.