Magpie Mannikin
Magpie Mannikin
Magpie Mannikin

Magpie Mannikin

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The Magpie Mannikin or Magpie Munia (Lonchura fringilloides) is a species of estrildid finch found in southern and central Africa. It is found in subtropical/ tropical (lowland) moist shrubland, forest and dry grassland habitat.

Description: Black on head extends over nape, and black smudges at sides of breast are large. Black and white barred flanks may also have brown on them.

Breeding: Several pairs may be housed together in a large aviary for breeding purposes, since they are colony breeders in the wild. Odd birds should be removed. Pairs construct a nest in open-fronted nest boxes or globular wicker baskets. They use whatever materials are available, including grasses, leaves and twigs forming an entrance passage into the nest. Four to six eggs are laid and the bird stake turns in sitting for the 12-day incubation period. Chicks may be reared on dry seed alone, but sprouted seed should be provided with extra millet sprays, chopped mealworms, ants’ eggs and soaked stale bread. The young commence their juvenile molt at around 12 weeks of age, but often do not attain full adult plumage until they are one year of age.

Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend. Spray millet and greens.. Grit and cuttlefish bone are essential.