Masked Grass Finch
Masked Grass Finch
Masked Grass Finch

Masked Grass Finch

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Scientific Name: Poephila personata

The masked grass finch Poephila personata is commonly seen in grasslands and low open woodlands. It has two subspecies, personata leucotis and personata personata, which are found in different parts of Australia.

Males have a greyish cream body. Their wings are a beige color. They have a black mask, thighs, legs and tail. Their beak is bright yellow.

Females are similar to males but less vibrant with duller shades of the same colors. Their beak is also less bright. Females act more subdued than males, and the sex can be more reliably differentiated by watching whether the bird ruffles its throat feathers to sing.

Diet: (Seedeater)
Paradise earth premium finch seed. Charcoal should always be available, for without this breeding is not attempted. Grit and cuttlefish bone are also necessary.