Melba Finch
Melba Finch
Melba Finch

Melba Finch

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The Melba Finch (Pytilia melba) is also known as the Green-winged Pytilla.

5” (or 12cm). Chin, neck and forehead crimsonish orange. Grey on the rest of the head, white spots and streaks on the underside gray. Back, wings and chest olive, and tail black. Legs and eyes brown, the beak Burgundy or scarlet. The hens are duller and lacks redness.

Regions South to Saharan Africa.

Thorny groves are common

Feeding nutritious insects and small seeds in the nest to prevent throwing away of birds. It could be helpful to keep one of the pairs in the aviary for avoiding too much aggression.

Soft and sweet male tone. After a 3-week adaptation (ideally in 77°F/25°C, without green food), may be housed indoors, in a well-vegetated sun-drenched aviary. Aviary free existence could be suitable on hot days. Eagerly looks for insects and small organisms on the ground. Natural habitat usually in small bushes. Fledglings take 20-21 days, appear out of 3-4 eggs, total incubation time of 12 days. Both parents rear, but throw their young out within 2 to 3 days.

DIET Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend, Premium Insect Blend and greens.