Mourning Sierra Finch
Mourning Sierra Finch

Mourning Sierra Finch

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The Mourning Sierra Finch may be found in several areas of South America including; Bolivia, Argentina, Peru and Chile.
These birds live in shrubby areas of land instead of open fields or more heavily forested places found in South America.

The mourning part of the bird’s name refers to the gray and black which makes up the majority of it’s coloring.  It looks as if it is in mourning. They male has a bright yellow-orange bill and bright white wing bars.  As with most species of birds, the male is more brightly colored than the female.

The Mourning Sierra Finch is a song bird although the sound it makes is a little odd.  It is more of a buzzing noise than the traditional sound most birds make.  This is an interesting species that most bird enthusiasts would like to capture in picture or video.

Diet: Good quality finch seed, millet and greens.