Oriental Magpie Robin
Oriental Magpie Robin

Oriental Magpie Robin

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The oriental magpie-robin (Copsychus salaries) is a small passerine bird that was formerly classed as a member of the thrushfamily Turdidae, but now considered an Old World flycatcher. It is also known as the Asian magpie-robin or just as the magpie-robin.


This magpie-robin is a resident breeder in tropical southern Asia from Bangladesh, interior IndiaSri Lanka and eastern Pakistaneast to IndonesiaThailand, south ChinaMalaysia, and Singapore.They have been introduced to Australia


Intersting Facts:

The oriental magpie-robin is the national bird of Bangladesh.They are distinctive black and white birds with a long tail that is held upright as they forage on the ground or perch conspicuously.



The Oriental Magpie Robin males are distinctive black birds with a long tail that is held upright when singing. They have a white wing patch or stripe, white outer tail feathers and white underparts. The female is similar to the male but has streakier and a more grey plumage overall.



The Oriental Magpie robins are particularly well known for their songs and were once popular as cage birds. 


Diet for Oriental Magpie Robin

The diet of magpie robins includes mainly insects and other invertebrates.Paradise Earth Premium Softbill Blend, dried mixed insects and fruit.