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Oriole Warbler
Oriole Warbler

Oriole Warbler

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Oriole Warbler

The oriole warbler (Hypergerus atriceps) is a small warbler in the family Cisticolidae, and the only member of the genus Hypergerus. This bird is a resident breeder in west Africa from southern Senegal to Cameroon and north Zaire.


The Oriole Warbler, also known as the moho, is an old-world warbler. Its name reflects its resemblance in coloration and form to the unrelated orioles.


These 20-cm long warblers have a long tail, strong legs and a long black bill. Adults are light olive above, yellow below and have a black hood. The species’ name refers to their resemblance to the unrelated but similarly black and yellow orioles. The sexes are similar, but juveniles are duller.


The song is a loud whistled duetted toooo-ooo-eee-oooo, oooo-ooo-eee-oooo.  he Male always leads the duet as Males and females sing in association with one another.

Breeding :

Adults build a large nest suspended from palm leaves. The clutch is 2 eggs.

Diet for Oriole Warbler:

It is insectivorous, preying primarily on grasshoppers and ants. In captivity: Paradise Earth Premium Softball Blend and Dried Insects.