Owl Finch “Fawn”
Owl Finch “Fawn”
Owl Finch “Fawn”

Owl Finch “Fawn”

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Owl finches (cocks and hens) come in two body colors: normal (dark brown) and fawn (light brown).

Fawn is a sex-linked gene which is recessive to normal body (also a sex-linked gene). Because these body colors are sex linked genes, cocks can carry two normal-body genes (and appear normal), two fawn-body genes (and appear fawn), or they can carry one normal-body and one fawn-body gene (and appear normal but be “split” for fawn). Hens can only carry one body color gene, so they either appear fawn or normal. Hens cannot be “split” for fawn.

Also called The Bicheno’s Finch and Double-Barred, the Owl Finch comes from the dry grasslands of Australia. The Fawn is a body color mutation where everything which is normally black or dark brown becomes a lighter brown shade.

Name: Owl (Bicheno) Finch (Poephila bichenovi)

The owl finch generally likes to be in woodland areas with grassy growth, however, they have at times also been found in city parks.

There are subtle differences between the male and female. The male is a little bit taller. There face masks are also a bit brighter.

Breeding is not as simple as in some other species. They must feel safe and have a good diet in order to breed. They also need an area with a lot of room for flying.

The owl finch is social with others in his or her species.

These birds like to be with other owl finches or mixed with other kinds of finches. As long as the others are around the same size and have the personality. They will do well in a flight cage. They enjoy spending time on the ground and will often be down there looking for insects.


Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend, Insect Blend, cuttlebone, oyster shell, fresh water. I give my Owl Finch a variety of sprouted seeds( a blend of alfalfa, broccoli, cauliflower, Canola, Kale, Mustard Greens, Red Clover, Radish, Sunflower, Collards and Turnip) plus a mixture of Popeye mix, greens, egg food and small meal worms. They are fairly eager to try new food. Also plenty of good Spray Millet.

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