Palm Tanager
Palm Tanager
Palm Tanager

Palm Tanager

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The Palm TanagerThraupis palmarum, is a medium-sized passerine bird. This tanager is a resident breeder from Nicaragua south to Bolivia, Paraguay and southern Brazil.

It occurs in semi-open areas including cultivation and gardens. The bulky cup nest is built in a tree, usually a palm, or under the eaves of a house, and the female incubates three, sometimes two, brown-blotched cream eggs for 14 days, with another 17 days to fledging.

Adult Palm Tanagers are 19 cm long and weigh 36 g. They are grey to dull olive-green. The flight feathers are blackish, and the long tail is blackish edged with green. A yellow wingbar shows in flight. Sexes are similar, although females may be somewhat paler.

Palm Tanagers are social, restless but unwary birds.  The song is fast and squeaky.

Diet: paradise Earth PRemium Softbill Blend, wide variety of fruit and insects.