Parson Finch aka Black-throated Finch
Parson Finch aka Black-throated Finch

Parson Finch aka Black-throated Finch

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Parson Finch

The black-throated finch (Poephila cinch), or parson finch, is a species of estrildid finch and is found throughout north-east Australia from Cape York Peninsula to north-east New South Wales.


The black-throated finch is a small stocky granivorous bird with a distinctive black throat that forms a large bib. The bill is dark grey, the short tail and the flanks black. The bird has a black-romped, cinnamon breast, brown back, white belly, blue-grey head, and pink feet. The male’s bib is wider than the female and the head is lighter than the head of the female. When the male sings his neck area will be more visible to easily sex.Juveniles are a dull grey brown and duller white below and a black beak .


The Parson or Black-throated finch” may also be referred  to the canary-winged finch (Melanodera melanodera) of South America. Other names include; Banded grass finch, Black tailed finch, Parson finch, Black pumped finch, Diggles finch.


The breeding season is between August to April. The male initiates the breeding and the female chooses the nest site. The clutch consists of 4-7 eggs . Incubation  is 12-14 days with the young fledging at around 21 days.


Diet for Parson Finch:

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