Peters’s Twinspot
Peters’s Twinspot
Peters’s Twinspot

Peters’s Twinspot

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Peters’ Twinspot (Hypargos niveoguttatus)

The Peters’ Twinspot (Hypargos niveoguttatus) comes from East Africa where it is found near water at lower elevations.

Description:These birds are easily sexed as the carmine-red face of the male is buff in the female. Their nest is frequently built close to the ground and they will be aggressive towards other red birds when breeding. Total length is around 5 inches.

Breeding: They will breed in cages and colonies with nests that are half-open. They prefer jute and coconut fiber for building their nests. They will require live food when they are raising their young. These birds have a lifespan of 5-7 years and mix well with other finches.

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