Plush-crested Jays
Plush-crested Jays
Plush-crested Jays

Plush-crested Jays

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Scientific name: Cyanocorax chrysops
Family: Corvidae
Order: Passireformes
Class: Aves


Plush-crested Jays are 35.5 cm (14 in) in length. The crown feathers are stiff and plush-like extending to the rear as a short crest. The head, sides of the neck, throat, and breast are black. There is a spot above the birds eye that is bright silvery blue. A spot below the eye and its short moustache are deep blue. The band that is located behind the neck of the bird is milky bluish white becoming violet blue on the upper back. The lower breast and belly are creamy white. The wings and tail of the Plush-crested Jay are deep blue in color, and its tail is broadly tipped white.


This particular bird can be found in many parts of South America. In northern Argentina, it is found in Salta, Tucuman, also possibly in La Rioja eastward to Formosa, Chaco to Misiones, and Corrientes to Entre Rios. It can also be seen in Paraguay and Uruguay. Plush-crested Jays can also be spotted in the northern and eastern parts of Bolivia (west to Beni and Cochabamba), Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca, and Tarija. In Brazil, this bird is seen south of the Amazon River from the east bank of Rio Madeira, east to upper Tapajos in southeast Para. Plush-crested Jays inhabit forests and woodland areas.


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