Purple Grenadier
Purple Grenadier
Purple Grenadier

Purple Grenadier

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Purple Grenadier: Scientific name: Ureaginthus Ianthinogaster

The Purple Grenadier is found in east Africa. They will most often be in areas where water is available year round. They like forest and grassland areas.

The males are a deep purple color on their heads , while the females have a light lavender only on their heads. The rest of the female is light brown with white dots. The males body will be a deep brown with deep violet. They attain their adult colors at 4-5 months old. Males are more brightly colored than females from a young age.

During nesting the male does most of the work on building the nest. Both the male and female care for the eggs in the nest, there will be between 3 and 5 eggs in the nest, they will hatch in 13 days. The parents will feed them termites to start with, they will later eat ripe seeds. By the time they are 20 days old, they are ready to learn to fly and leave the nest.

Diet: Paradise Earth Premium Finch Blend, and Insect Blend.