Purple-throated Fruitcrow
Purple-throated Fruitcrow

Purple-throated Fruitcrow

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The purple-throated fruitcrow (Querula purpurata) is a species of bird in the family Cotingidae the coatings. It is the sole species of the genus Querula. 

Habitat and Distribution: The Purple-throated Fruitcrow is native to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama and most of the northern half of South America. Its habitat are humid lowland forest areas.

Description: The Purple-throated Fruitcrow is a medium-sized glossy-black bird. Males have a large purple-red upper throat patch extending to the side of the neck. It has a short wide pointed grayish bill, black eyes, and gray legs. Females lack the purple throat.

Diet in captivity: Mixed dried insect blend, softball blend and fresh fruit.