Red Billed Hornbill
Red Billed Hornbill
Red Billed Hornbill

Red Billed Hornbill

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The red-billed hornbills are a group of hornbills found in savanna and woodland of sub-Saharan Africa.

Description: The male and female are similar, but the female has a smaller bill which lacks a casque. Their underparts are mainly white and grey. They have long tables and a curved red bill.

Breeding: The nests  are made mostly of mud dropping and fruit pulp which is blocked off with a plaster of mud.There is  one small opening,  for the male to transfer food to the mother and the chicks. When the chicks and the female are too big for the nest, the mother breaks out and rebuilds the wall. Then both parents feed the chicks.

Interesting fact: The female red-billed hornbill protects her young against intruders by building a wall across the opening of her nest. She then seals herself in and brings up her chicks in a ‘prison’.

Diet: The Red-billed Hornbill is omnivorous, taking insects, fruit and reptiles.

Diet in captivity: Paradise Earth Premium Softbill Diet, live insects&pinkies and fresh fruit.