Red Capped Cardinal
Red Capped Cardinal
Red Capped Cardinal

Red Capped Cardinal

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Unlike other members of the Cardinalidae family, the Red-capped cardinal actually belongs to the Thraupidae family of birds and can often be found in groups or pairs. A subspecies of the bird can be found in the north part of South America and on the island of Trinidad.


The adult bird measures around six and a half inches long and weighs about 22 grams. It has a red head and black lores and throat, with dark gray legs. The area around the eyes is black, although the subspecies, known as P g nitrogenis, can be identified by its red upper chest and lower throat, and black ear coverts.


The diet of the Red-capped cardinal consists mostly of fruit, zupreem fruit pellets and insects.


The species can be found throughout north-central South America, an area that includes the Amazon Basin and the coastal areas. Its habitat is mangroves, swamps and open areas close to water, although it can also be found close to urban areas.


The Red-capped cardinal typically lays two or three eggs dusing the breeding season, which runs from from June to September. The eggs tend to be dark and mottled, or white in color and the female bird prefers to lay its eggs in a shallow tree or other similar and secure area.