Red-Eared Waxbill
Red-Eared Waxbill

Red-Eared Waxbill

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With this type of animal, both the females and the males are quite similar in their appearances.  The upper section of their bodies are usually a light brown or grey.  There is a stripe running around the eye that is usually a deep scarlet color.  The ears and throat are distinctively white with a touch or either grey or pink.  There is quite a bit of variation with how much red is on the animal, but the colors usually range from a bright red color to a crimson color.

For this red-eared waxbill, being housed in a heated aviary is completely essential for their survival.  These creatures are also not aggressive in most situations.

The red-eared waxbill can be found anywhere in the area ranging from Senegal as well as The Gambia.  Going east from The Gambia, the range increases to include the northeast part of the Congo, Eritrea, Uganda, and the northwest part of Abyssinia.

This creature eats items that can be found on the ground but can also eat vegetation that grows.  Grass, seeds, and small insects are all examples of items that these creatures would be interested in eating.

These animals commonly build nests located on the ground in clumps of grass or located beneath small bushes.  The nest is typically constructed using grass, feathers, and other similar items.  These animals typically lay four or five eggs and are taken care of by both genders.  The typical incubation length is no more than twelve days.